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Chairman Chuck Lindman called the Annual Meeting of the Greater Bass
Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District to order at 3:02 P.M.  He
introduced the other Commissioners Michelle Arlen and Richard Horneck.
 He stated that Sam Harden, the Langlade County Board Representative,
and Peter Resch, the Town of Upham Representative were unable to

Chairman Lindman introduced Larry Krause who gave a report on the
Water Flow Committee.  They are actively monitoring the water level on
the lakes below Summit Lake and staying in contact with the DNR.

Chairman Lindman thanked the Arlens for managing our buoys and the
water quality work, Dick and Carol Horneck for the writing, printing
and distribution of the Bass Lake Ripples and Neighborhood Directory,
Gail Kestly  and her committee for collecting for the 4th of July 
Fireworks, Paul Payant & his crew for shooting the fireworks, Ray and
Dorothy Porter for the continued use of their Island, Larry Krause for
his work on the Water Flow Committee, and Michelle Arlen for her work
with the Defibrillator Program.

It was moved by Ray Porter, seconded by Don Winter and unanimously
carried that the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting as posted on the
Greater Bass Lake website and available on the table in the rear of
the room be approved.

Michelle Arlen gave the Treasurer’s Report as of July 31st, 2015.  She
presented the Budget for approval for the 2015-2016 period.  It was
the recommendation of the Commissioners that the tax rate remain the
same 0.02 Mill.  Besides the possible purchase of some replacement
buoys and chains that may be needed, it is felt that a reserve for
future invasive species treatment is necessary.  It was moved by Peter
VanDerhei, seconded by Otto Wirth and unanimously carried that the
financial report and proposed budget be approved.

Chairman Lindman stated the Water Quality Report was good even though
the water has a dark color.  We should be careful not to use a lawn
fertilizer that contains phosphorus.  It was mentioned that the green
slimy substance being washed up on the shore may be from the new
wake-board boats churning up the weeds on the bottom of the lake. 

Carol Horneck gave a report on invasive species, particularly Japanese
Knotweed, in the Greater Bass Lake area, based on the information she
received from John Preuss, the Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
for Lincoln, Langlade and Forest Counties.

Chairman Lindman announced that the commissioners wished to nominate
Michelle Arlen for Treasurer.    The chairman called for other
nominations 3 times .  None being offered it was moved by Otto Wirth,
seconded by Ray Porter and unanimously carried by the meeting that
nominations be closed.  It was moved by Ray Porter, seconded by Otto
Wirth that a unanimous ballot be cast for Michelle Arlen as


Ray Porter gave an update on the condition of the island. Almost all
trails are open and most are cleaned up.  People who use the island
for the most part are keeping it very clean.  Additional work will
continue to get rid of the brush piles this fall and winter.  
Michelle gave a report on the Defibrillator Program.  The spring,
summer, & fall location is at the entrance of the Pro Shop of the Bass
Lake Golf Course.
Gail Kestly reported on the Fireworks collections and that the
fireworks were again shot from the island.  It is planned that the
fireworks for 2016 will be on Saturday July 2nd , due to the holiday
falling on a Monday.  If you have not had a chance to make your
donation yet, please mail to Gail Kestly or drop it off at their home.


Dan Hurley spoke on a new domain name he has procured for the Lake. 
It is called “BassLake.rocks”.  He hopes to have it up shortly, and it
will be a site where owners can post items of interest to the
residents, along with photos that they want to share.

Tom Yelich reported on a beaver “house” being built in the opening to
the bay.  He has contacted the DNR and has not received any help from
them.  The beavers are downing trees along the shoreline and may soon
isolate the bay from the rest of Bass Lake.   It was moved by Otto
Wirth, seconded by Roger Sell, that the district back Tom’s planned
proposal to the DNR and authorize a budget of up to $5000.00 to assist
in the cost of removing the house.

Don Winter reported that one of the young Loons had been found
floating dead in the water in front of his home.  Neither the DNR nor
REGI were interested in analyzing the bird due to the condition of the
carcass.  Everyone was happy to hear that one young loon still

The problem of geese coming on green lawns in front of residences was
discussed.  One suggestion was to place a rope barrier between the
water and land to prevent them from walking directly onto the grass. 
It was also suggested that a natural brush line at the water edge
would keep them off also.

It was moved by Ruth Grimm, seconded by Ray Porter and unanimously
approved that the meeting adjourn.  4:00 P.M.

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            Richard Horneck,


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